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Library Usage at an All-Time High!

Library Usage at an All-Time High!

Latest Library Statistics Reflect
Improvements in Library Services
and Community Growth

We are proud to report the library's many successes of the past year in our latest Annual Report.  We invite everyone to take a look and see how much we accomplished in a single year!   Highlights of library usage statistics as compared to the previous year help demonstrate that the library is effectively meeting the needs of the Wauconda Area community:

  • Total circulation is up by 13%

  • Although VHS video checkouts have decreased by 11%, DVD checkouts have increased by 59%

  • Music CD checkouts have increased by 17.5%, including 52% increase in "Most Wanted" CD checkouts and a 68% increase in Children's CD checkouts

  • Total reference and information transactions increased by 20%, including a 15% increase at the Adult Services reference desk, an 11% increase at the Children's reference desk, and a 25% increase at the Information Desk in the Circulation Department

Much has already been accomplished in the current fiscal year which is likely to result in even higher numbers in our next Annual Report!

How Does the average library cardholder use the Wauconda Area Library?

On average, each one of the library's 19,639 cardholders checked out the following during the past year:

  • 13 books
  • 7 DVD's or videos
  • 3 CD's or audiobooks
  • A total of 23 items

Here are just a few totals for the year which we hope will be of interest to you:

  Year Avg. Week
Total checkouts 457,581  8,800
Questions answered 168,588  3,242
Library website page views 134,130 2,579
Library programs 530 10
Program attendance 21,305 410
Items borrowed through interlibrary loan 3,411 66
Door count (excluding library staff) 224,989 4,327

The Extraordinary Dollar Value
of Your Library Card

Ever wonder how much a library card is worth to the average Wauconda Area resident?  Here's one way of looking at it:

During the last fiscal year there were 457,581 checkouts of books, DVD's, CD's, audiobooks, and other materials.  To buy each item at an average price of $15 would have cost roughly $6,900,000.  Subtract the total library operating budget of about $1,750,000 and your net savings for the past year totals $5,150,000.  This is a net savings of about $262 per cardholder.  And this does not include reference service, programs or in-library use of materials and computers!

THANK YOU for your patronage -
we ALWAYS look forward to
your next library visit!

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