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Wauconda Area Senior Resource Guide is now online!

Announcing the New Web-Based
Wauconda Area

Senior Resource Guide

       The Wauconda Area Senior Resource Guide is now available as a user-friendly, web-based directory.  This online guide not only provides phone numbers for many local resources of interest to seniors, but also provides the links to the various appropriate web sites or web pages.
       The Senior Coalition, a subgroup of the United Partnership for a Better Community, compiled the original data that was used to produce their printed version of the Senior Resource Guide which has been distributed throughout the Wauconda Area community.  The Senior Coalition and area individuals sought to provide our community with a resource guide of local services and programs for senior residents and their caregivers. 
       The Wauconda Area Library has volunteered to establish and maintain the web pages associated with the Senior Resource Guide. These web pages are powered by NorthStarNet, an innovative web-hosting service made available by the North Suburban Library System for free to all Wauconda Area community organizations by the Wauconda Area Library through the North Suburban Library System.  We hope this information will aid in the care and well-being of our senior community and will have a positive impact on their daily lives. 

                               Not for Seniors Only!

       Although intended as an outstanding resource for seniors and caregivers, this guide is a valuable reference tool for all adults.  Be sure to check it out!

Hot e-Tip!      Readers and researchers find it fast with A9.com

    Cool New Tool
for Library Users

       A9.com, a new spin-off from Amazon.com, helps users discover information from several different sources, making it easy to manage and organize their search results, and remembering what they have done in the past.
       A9.com offers users search results from five powerful information sources, which are presented through convenient selectable and adjustable columns: Web and image search provided by Google, book text of more than 100,000 titles from Amazon.com's Search Inside The Book(TM), movie information from the Internet Movie Database, and reference information (encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.) through GuruNet.com. Additionally, A9.com is a search engine with a memory as it returns results from the user's information, so with every search, users will see results from their own history, bookmarks, and diary.
       Every time a user returns to A9.com and is signed in to their free account, the site recognizes them, remembers what they searched in the past and displays features that help them manage and organize their information.

To see the results of any of the following searches, just click on it:

Best of Broadband – Nationalgeographic.com

The web site of the National Geographic Society

Nationalgeographic.com delivers adventure and exploration with the click of a mouse for web visitors interested in travel, photography, maps, scientific discovery and news. Today, the site averages more than 45 million page views per month and has been honored with virtually all the industry's leading awards including the Webby, Codie, Omni and the ASME awards. 
This site delivers engaging and informative content combined with useful tools to meet the needs of teachers, children, parents, and students worldwide. Special sections of the site devoted to teachers and children including Xpeditions, lesson plans, and the GeoBee Challenge, plus broader features and applications such as the popular MapMachine, make nationalgeographic.com an award-winning education destination.


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