Teen Life

Health Issues/Hotlines

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network


Eating Disorders

Suicide/Suicide Prevention

Planned Parenthood

Option Line

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

National Runaway Safeline

Think your friend might have an eating disorder? Get the info here.

Go Ask Alice!
Get your anonymous questions answered online or read what others have submitted.

THINK (Teen Health Interactive Network)
Articles on nutrition, physical fitness, diseases and personal care.

Above the Influence
Infor on drug awareness, addiction, effects and more.

Need we say more? Where EVERY girl is cool.


Employment help and jobs for teens

Part-time, hourly, summer jobs and more.

Local job resources for teens

Wauconda Park District

Minimum Wage in Illinois

Teenagers Guide to the Real World
Improving your job skills.

Job Ideas, Interview Help and Application Do's and Don'ts


Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Advice for teens from teens on budgets, credits cards and more.

NEFE Teen Resource Bureau
Financial planning for teens from everything on how to buy your first car, why money is important, and good debt vs. bad debt.

Money Talks
Developed by the University of California Cooperative Extension, interactive games and quizzes will help you determine your "money type", savings strategies, car costs and more.

College & Life After High School

Illinois Community Colleges
All in one nice list!

Illinois Vocational and Technical Schools
Click on the area of interest for a list local schools and online programs.

How transfer college credit in Illinios.

Official website for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

Is college for you? Why should I get more education?
Get the answers from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Federal Student Aid
Student aid on the web.

Know Your Rights

U.S. Department of Labor(Osha)
You have the right to a safe and healthful workplace.

Love is Respect
The Dating Bill of Rights

Graduated Driver's License in Illinois
What you need to know from the state to get that license

Becoming an Adult at Age 18
From the Illinois State Bar Association, what it means when you turn 18.



It's all so serious. How about some fun stuff?

The Love Calculator
Find out if you and that special person are destined for each other.

So You Wanna?
Learn all the cool things nobody taught you how t
o do in school.

Addicting Games
Hope you don't have any homwork because you'll be up all night playing these games!

Figure out what that weird dream means.